Crisis Closet...
Crisis Closet...

Wednesdays from 8 am to 12 pm

The Crisis Closet is a vital part of our community & a wonderful, caring ministry that reaches out to those who need it most. The Crisis Closet's purpose is to help provide clothing, food & household goods to those in need due to some emergency or misfortune. The Crisis Closet is located in the First General Baptist Church but accepts help & helpers from other local churches. If you can donate your time & effort to help this worthy cause just show up Wednesday morning & your help will be welcomed with open arms!
​Come & find out what a blessing it can be to help others!


POLICY...All who desire assistance from the Crisis Closet will be asked to give their name, address, the number in their household, household income & the nature of their need or emergency.

FOOD...Persons coming to the Crisis Closet for assistance three (3) times or more in a six (6) month period are required to show proof that they have been evaluated by WADI. If you have exhausted all the federal & state resources available to you & you are still unable to make ends meet we will provide you with money management training.

CLOTHING/HOUSEHOLD ITEMS...You may NOT get clothing or household items for someone other than members of your immediate household without special permission granted by the Crisis Closet personnel. You may receive clothing/household items one (1) time per month.

REQUIREMENT OF ELIGIBILITY...Loss of income or significant decrease in income, sickness, injury, fire, flood, storm or as determined by the Crisis Closet committee. You MUST RESIDE IN HAMILTON COUNTY.